Install An Interior Or Exterior Door

Those looking to change a room should consider putting up a new door. Not only will it help with any insulation problems, it will change the dcor.

First, choose the type of door that will be put up. There are three basic groups to choose from. There are entry doors, interior doors and combination stormscreen doors. By following five steps entry doors can be replaced with ease. Once you have this skill under your belt you will be able to put up interior doors with no problem.

When putting up any door the general premise is the same. The only real difference is whether or not it is an exterior or interior door. You begin by taking off the old door. Tuck a wedge under the outside corner and release the hinges. Once the door is off there are two options available. The first one is to hang the door from loose-pin hinges. Part of the hinge is hooked into the door and the other half is hooked into the doorframe. If you are working in an old house, the hinge might not be so cooperative due to years of paint build up. When this happens you should unscrew the hinges and take off the doorframe to get the door off.

Next you will take the hinge leaves off of the door. You can hang new ones or use the old ones. Buff the old ones with a sander and use a clear protective coating to cover it. New hinges should be the exact same size as the previous ones.

Shape the hinges they way that you would like and put the new hinge leave on the frame of the door. The screws must be long enough to go trough the stud-wall framing and the frame of the door.

After that you will need to trim the door. Take notes from the previous door if needed. If the new door is in line with the old one than trimming may not be necessary. However, if the old door is not a good example, measure the door opening and leave a 18 bottom clearance and 116 at the side and top. If there is carpet to take into account you need to have a bottom clearance that is 34 more than that. A fine tooth saw or woodwork jigs will be needed for the trimming.

Get the door ready for the hinges. New mortises need to be made. There will be routed or craved out depressions in which the hinges blades will be placed. This will keep the surface level. The old door can be a pattern to follow for this or you can use the new door. Put in the doorway and wedge it 18 away from the bottom. Put the hinge locations on the door.

After that put the door on the latch edge and take a pencil or knife and trace the line to the door edge from every hinge. The new hinge on of the door should be outlined with the hinge leaf template.

Use a wood chisel to leave marks on the hinge mortises. Level the cutes with the thickness of the leaf hinge. Three hinges is the usual standard for six foot tall doors.

Next you need apply some wood sealant to the door and put wood screws in the hinge leaves. Next hang the door.

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